Tide Predictions

Tidal predictions are compiled for standard barometric pressure. The meteorological conditions that can have an effect are described in meteorological effects on tides.

Standard Port tide tables

Use these tables to find daily predictions of the times and heights of high and low waters at Standard Ports.

Times used in the tide predictions are in New Zealand Standard Time (NZST1). An allowance of plus one hour must be made during the daylight saving period (which commences on the last Sunday of September and ends on the first Sunday of April the following year).

Tables are provided in both PDF and comma delimited text (CSV) format. To use the text files you will need some instructions. read more...

Please note, that some tide tables are currently marked with "0 bytes" instead of their correct file size; this is a bug, but the files should be available.


The zero point of the predicted tide heights is described in the Standard Port datum descriptions.

Secondary Port tide tables

Get information required to predict times of high and low waters, and tidal levels, at Secondary Ports


Download an alphabetical list of Secondary Ports (pdf 40KB).

Download the complete Secondary Ports Table (csv 26KB).

The mean time differences for high and low waters given in the secondary port table are average values derived from the comparison of simultaneous tide predictions at the secondary port and its reference standard port. Because these time differences are constant, they do not always reflect the actual tide time differences as these are subject to naturally occuring daily variation.

The range of predicted time differences is included in the table to provide the user with an indication of how much the actual time of the tide may differ from the predicted time derived using the mean time difference.

How to calculate tide times & heights

Find out how to calculate times and heights for Secondary Ports, and between high and low waters at any port more...

Standard Port datum descriptions

Find descriptions of datums for Standard Ports more...

Standard Port tidal levels

Find tidal levels for Spring and Neap tides, Mean Sea Level and Highest and Lowest Astronomical Tides more...

Standard Port periods of observation

Years for which tidal observations have been used for tide predictions at Standard Ports more...

1 NZST used in accordance with International Hydrographic Organisation Technical Resolution G1.2

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